As you know by now, helmet covers are now cute, sweet, and colorful cloth covers for helmets from ski helmets to bike helmets. What you may not know is that they weren’t always this way. Helmet covers started out far from the ones you know now, serving soldiers in the military. As strange as this may sound, they were, in fact, very useful for the purpose they were used for. These helmet covers were often made to camouflage the soldiers against their backgrounds.

They could be used for many different things, such as the helmet cover of the Israeli Defence Forces, who still wear a large, floppy helmet covers over their helmets, in hope that they break up the outlines of themselves. Even the United States Army used to use helmet covers! From 1953, to the mid to late 1980s, they established a helmet cover that was dual sided, leafy green on one side, and an orange on the other.

Another type of helmet cover that is almost entirely unused anymore is the mesh helmet cover which is sort of like a netting that goes over the helmet. Previously used by Swedish and other such armies, these mesh covers were quite diverse in uses. Being used for making helmets have less glare, giving the illusion of camouflage, as well as significantly quieting the noise when a helmet would graze against a branch or something or the sort, given that they were made purely out of metal. These mesh covers are now almost unused because modern technology and engineering has made them outclassed by more efficient and effective ones. Of course, if you’re not in the military, one of the cute ones will work just fine!

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