Non-medical Face Masks

Check out our newest face masks to make the pandemic less scary. To be able to get back our regular life, we must first face this disease and stop it. We all have to stay safe and keep our loved ones safe. Sitting home most of the time and not being able to get out as we normally used to is draining us emotionally and physically.

Our kids are especially affected, because the sudden changes in the surrounding environment: not being able to go to the play area, not being able to meet friends and grandparents, and above all that add the face masks which hide the best facial feature, a smile.

These face masks are meant to protect those around you from contracting the virus, but if you are looking for more protection, adding a filter into your mask is recommended. Our masks have two layers with elastics and an inside pocket for a filter. 

What would be a good filter that you can find at home? HEPA filters used in common household appliances like air conditioners or even coffee filters might be one. 

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To give back to our community in Massachusetts, we also donated face masks to local grocery stores workers.